Teeth Whitening

Dental Grade Teeth Whitening from a Dental Hygienist

As an AHPRA Registered Oral Health Therapist with over 15 years clinical experience, Founder, Daniela quickly identified a gap in the market and health system when it came to teeth whitening treatments and those conducted by people other than health professionals.


Our Whitening gel is manufactured in Victoria, Australia and while many other teeth whitening businesses offer treatments that contain only contain 6.0% of the active ingredient that whitens your teeth  (resulting in multiple visits and endless amounts of money to get your smile to its full potential) Our treatment is not only a dental grade, non-invasive professional application – but contains more of the whitening active ingredient – meaning its a one time treatment for instant results.

Our professional dental grade teeth whitening treatment is $375 which includes complimentary home maintenance kit, includes 4 days of home whitening with trays and dental grade gel and a free phone consultation is required.

Dental Grade Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening


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