Cosmetic Injectables

Advanced Cosmetic Anti-Wrinkle & Anti-Aging Treatments

Janice is a Registered Division 1 Nurse and is the face behind A by J Aesthetics by Janice.

Her background includes 7 years nursing experience in hospital settings with a Clinical Nurse Specialist role in Anaesthetics and PACU and post graduate degree. Janice also completed her Advanced Cosmetic Injectables course in 2016.
With bespoke anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments tailored for you, A by J aesthetics always aims for best natural-looking results. Janice still keeps you feeling like you to help boost your confidence or enhance your already beautiful, unique and individual features.

A complimentary facial assessment is offered and prices are provided before any treatment is commenced. Feel reassured with your anti-ageing journey.

Anti- Wrinkle Treatments

Brow Lift

from $99

Crows Feet

from $199

DOA (downturned mouth)

from $99

Forehead Lines

from $149

Frown Lines

from $199

Gummy Smile

from $99

Hayfever Treatment

from $149

Lip Flip

from $99

Lip Lines

from $99

Dermal Filler Treatments

Dermal Cheeks & Lip Augmentation

from $1200

Dermal Cheeks

from $890

Dermal Lip Filler 0.5mls

from $290

Dermal Lip Filler 1ml

from $580

Dermal Lip Filler 2ml

from $1100

Jawline Sculpting

from $599

Chin Scultping

from $599



from $999

Bruxism/Jaw Slimming Treatment

from $650

Full Facial Consultation


Follow up appointment after treatment/s


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