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What is featherbrow?
Also known as microblading, feather touch brows, eyebrow embroidery etc is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo technique using a specially designed handtool and ink. Featherbrow is fine hairlike strokes that mimic your eyebrow hair and blend in well with your natural hairs. This treatment can be used to create a brow when no hair is visible or just thicken and fill in Brows with gaps to define and create symetry


What is shadow brow?
Shadow brow is an eyebrow tattoing technique that uses a hand tool and ink specifically for eyebrow tattooing, the result is a very nice powdered look that fills in brows and gives a great base. Ideal for people who like to powder their brows or who like their brows to look full


Can you have shadow and featherbrow together?
Yes you can and they look really great. It is best that you do Shadow brow first but not necessary. Some clients decide after featherbrow that they would like a more filled in brow and have shadow at the perfecting session. They are best done separately and require additional treatments and costs.


How long does it last?
Both techniques are semi permanent but this refers to them requiring a touch up in future. They should still be visible but will need a top up generally every 12 months to keep them looking great.


What is a Perfecting session
Every client must have a perfecting session 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment. The perfecting session is to review and adjust the colour if required.This also is when areas may need to be filled in and the shape/size perfected. This treatment is generally only 1 hour


Will I need a 3rd perfecting session?
Yes maybe. Some people do need a 3rd treatment and on rare occasions a 4th. It is always a good idea to book a follow up treatment 4-6 weeks after your perfecting session to review the brows once they have healed. We can then discuss whether a 3rd session is required.


Can everyone have this treatment? Most people can. If you are pregnant or breast feeding you cant. Medications, illness may exclude you having the treatment. If you have had Antiwrinkle injections or filler please discuss this during consultation also.


Before treatment
1 week before stop taking all vitamins
24hours before no Alcohol
On the day no coffee


Post treatment
Please remember eyebrows will fade 40-60% 1-2 weeks after treatment, they will also shrink. It is best to be prepared for them being quite bold during this healing time. It can be quite a shock for some people, but remember it is only for a few weeks.

The healing process is usually
Day 1: Brows will be a little swollen and tender
Day 2-4 Brows will be at their darkest- Don’t worry this will change
Day 5-7: Brows will start scabbing start to lift- Do not pick as tempting as it may be!
Day 8-10: Brows will appear to have lost a lot of colour after scabbing lifts
Day 14-30: Colour will return and settle. Time for the perfecting session.


Strict aftercare that will be given to you must be followed. Perfection/follow up treatments can be cancelled if aftercare is not adhered to.


Free consultations to discuss any questions and further discuss the treatment are available and recommended.

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