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CryoPen can remove most common lesions such as skin tags, hemangioma, sunspots (solar lentigo), pigmented spots, actinic or seborrheic keratosis easily and quickly. Cryotherapy is a process that rapidly freezes affected skin tissue to destroy it.


CryoPen is a pen-like device that uses a precise, powerful microjet of cold gas to freeze skin tissue to -89 degrees Celsius. This means no pain, no damage to surrounding tissue and no unsightly scars. The pen precision ensures only the treatment area freezes leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. Frozen tissue will then form a scab that will fall off and disappear in a couple of weeks taking the skin tag or lesion with it.

CryoPen Treatment

CryoPen Spot Treatment


One spot treatment to remove any lesion, skin tag, pigmented area, and/or hemangioma

CryoPen Cannister


Multiple treatments can be performed with a cannister, providing enough treatment time to remove a few skin tags, pigmented lesions and/or hemangioma's that may be bothering you
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