Carbon Facials

Carbon Facials Port Melbourne….

Discover clearly visible results with our Carbon Facials at Feeling Smooth. Our treatment will leave your skin thoroughly exfoliated, brighter and more vibrant!


Our Carbon Facials work to

  • Clean, purify and tighten congested pores to reduce pore size.
  •  Treat active acne and reduce acne scarring and hyperpigmentation
  •  Smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  •  Stimulate collagen and elastin
  •  Revitalise your skin with an instant glow.


Our much buzzed-about carbon facial is ready to restore skin radiance with zero downtime! We apply a medical-grade carbon crème to your entire face which is absorbed into the pores. Using our world-class laser, we activate the carbon, shattering it into pieces to clean and rejuvenate the epidermal layer of the skin.

With zero-downtime, why not book your treatment today?

Carbon Facial

Carbon Facial (Level 1)


Carbon Facial (Level 2)


Includes Microdermabrasion

Carbon Facial (Level 3)


Includes Microdermabrasion and Enzyme Peel

Complete Carbon


Carbon Facial, Photorejuvenation and LED light therapy
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