Do you know your A, B, C’s?

Do you know your A, B, C’s?

Not the alphabet silly, I’m talking about Vitamins! Vitamins provide us with antioxidant power (fighting against free radicals) which are directly attributed to the damage and aging of our skin cells, the more we look after these cells the healthier our skin will be!

Here is the who, what and why… then get to Feeling Smooth so we can get you started with these incredible skin changing ingredients!

Vitamin A  (also known as retinol)– to put it simply is THE BEST anti-aging ingredient – fullstop.!!
Vitamin A retrains your cells to act younger (like they are all 16 again!) encouraging skin cell production, increasing our fibroblasts which firm our skin, increasing collagen, fighting free radical damage and slowing the aging process.
Vitamin A must be used of a night only (P.M product) as it can increase your hypersensitivity to the sun, you MUST wear SPF everyday (if there is daylight, there is UV radiation regardless of the weather/clouds/etc.) or risk damaging your skin, this is a super powerful antioxidant rich vitamin.

Vitamin B (also known as niacin) – is our hydration saturation vitamin, Vitamin B will soften and smooth and plump your skin, while also helping to lighten the appearance with its tyrosinase inhibiting properties,( – what is tyrosinase?) Tyrosinase is the enzyme reaction present in forming melanin, while inhibiting this we slow the chance of uneven pigmentation forming, and allow our skin to have a more even skin tone, keeping us looking younger. Can be used A.M and P.M.


Vitamin C (also known as L-Ascorbic acid) – Vitamin C lightens & brightens the skins complexion, it’s a powerful antioxidant in the fight against free radical damage, replenishes & firms the skin, inhibits tyrosinase & has a natural SPF factor! WOAH! Vitamin C binds with other Vitamins present in the skin and boosts their properties making it like your skin cells BFF! Vitamin C is best used during the day, but can be used both A.M and P.M.


Now free-radicals has been mentioned a couple of times here, and some of you may not know what this means… Free-radicals cause damage to parts of cells, like our DNA, proteins, & electrons. This damage is extremely destructive to our cells health, and also our skins health, visibly increasing the signs of aging. Antioxidants are our best defence in slowing this process, but also having a well balanced diet, wearing an SPF always, & drinking plenty of water will help!
Well, let’s just avoid free-radicals – you say!?
Seems an easy enough statement except they are EVERYWHERE! Free-radicals are the damage by UV radiation (not just from the sun, lights and electricity also), pollution, toxic ingredients in makeup and skin care, cigarettes, alcohol, unhealthy fats, chemicals, pesticides, medication, and the list goes on…

Both O Cosmedics, & Dermaviduals have used these powerful ingredients in their products, and you can start using them straight away! These ingredients will change your skin, only for the better, and you absolutely MUST have them in your homecare routine!

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