Should I REALLY moisturise everyday??? – YES!

Should I REALLY moisturise everyday??? – YES!

But WHYYYY? You respond – let me tell you!

Each time we have a deliciously warm (or crazily hot) shower or bath our natural skin oils get washed/stripped away along with any dirt, sweat, makeup, perfume (etc.) and dry redundant skin cells. This means our natural ph barrier that protects our skin from invasion has been disrupted, and without replenishing our body we leave it at risk of drying out, getting itchy/irritated, bumpy/lumpy, open to infection and possibly even too oily in some areas.


Now I’m limiting this to moisturising our body, we will look at facial moisturisers soon, one step at a time…

When you visit us at FS and have regular waxing and spray tans we often ask about your home moisturising routine, keeping your skin hydrated keeps it working at its best! Regularly exfoliating and moisturising your body, allows us to get better hair removal results, because we have no build up of excess dry skin – which can obstruct us from removing the hairs.


To achieve the BEST Spray Tan results we want your skin to be hydrated so that the tan blends perfectly and doesn’t grab in certain areas (elbows, knees, ankles etc.) and can detract from your tan making it look patchy and unnatural.

We even prep your hands, elbows and feet before applying your spray tan to avoid this happening, but ongong skin maintenance is the best way to achieve beautiful skin.

Now we don’t want to scare you, I have asked for a 2 min exfoliation twice a week, and now we want to get you moisturising after you jump out of the shower – 1 minute will be enough each day. That’s a combined total of 11 minutes a week just to exfoliate and moisturise, but your body will thank you for it! J


If your significant other, child and/or children is demanding your attention the second you jump out of the shower, make it something they also do (this is not limited to only your skin). Share the love and new information you have learned and teach them to look after their skin too! Your whole family will have the healthiest glow that everyone will ask what you have been doing differently! Once you have this habit formed it will become second nature to moisturise every time after you have patted dry – and if your not sure what the best products to use are, we have some beautiful products to suit you! Sunescapes Body Butter with all natural nut oils, and their Gradual Tan Moisturiser to use to build a natural glow minus the tan or sun exposure.

The skin is our bodies largest organ, but one that gets minimal attention from our insides, that’s because all the nutrients from food, and our water intake generally goes to our vital internal organs (brain/heart/digestion) and then elsewhere.. our skin does all of its healing of a night time, when our brain shuts down from keeping us standing upright, alert, breathing, blinking and the million other functions that happen without our awareness.

By supplementing great body care, we are replenishing and feeding the skin giving it the love it deserves, we don’t want to seem superficial but there is a pride we feel when we are looking after ourselves, and when we look great we feel great too!

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