Exfoliation – what’s the big deal?

Exfoliation – what’s the big deal?

We persistently go on about it at Feeling Smooth Port Melbourne… with your waxing routine, tanning prep, and facial needs – its an all round under-utilised skin booster!

When we exfoliate we are buffing away our top layer of redundant skin cells (don’t worry – they aren’t doing anything important anymore and we want to shift them away!) leaving your skin smoother and visibly brighter! Instantly!

Not only that, it allows our moisturiser/serum/tan products/body cream etc. to soak in and work better! A build up of excess dead skin cells can cause us to have dull looking skin, get clogged pores and ingrown hairs. It stimulates our skin cells to turn over quicker keeping our skin youthful, as we age this turn over process starts to slow down, and by regularly exfoliating we are better able to reveal our healthy glowing skin.

Exfoliation stimulates our blood circulation, AND our lymphatic system, while also helping to break down cellulite internally and improving the appearance of your skin all over your body, evening out skin tone, and smoothing rough/bumpy patches.

Amazing right?! And so simple!

Our fantastic Milano Mitts are very firm, and will leave you feeling invigorated and tingly after you exfoliate (can be used wet or dry) and are the perfect pre and post tan exfoliating mitt!

The Milano Mitt’s actually started as a product to combat cellulite & break it down, while also getting the great exfoliation and massage benefits!

Use the day before or morning of your next wax appointment also, for a pain-free wax that will leave your skin smoother and ensure we get every pesky little hair!

It is highly recommended to exfoliate twice a week for your skin to be glowing, and not only your body – exfoliating your face is just as important!

But please don’t use the Milano Mitt, your skin on your face is a lot thinner and more delicate then your body, so the Milano Mitt would be too harsh and scratchy, a blog will follow on the best facial exfoliation methods but for now stick to your trusty Exfoliating Cleanser (O Cosmedics) or Peeling Cream (Dermaviduals) & hit up one of the Feeling Smooth girls for the best advice!

Actually why don’t you do this as a challenge, for the next month exfoliate twice a week – all it takes is 2 minutes to thoroughly exfoliate your body, and I promise your skin will be visibly smoother, softer, brighter & healthier!

Take before and after pictures, not only will you see the difference but you’ll feel amazing too – next up we need to use a hydrating body cream/oil but I’ll tackle that topic next week – now mitts on lets get exfoliating …


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