Lash Lift: the NEW Lash Extension

Lash Lift: the NEW Lash Extension

I certainly notice a change in trends, being in beauty for 10 years you see how some stay and some go. Lash Extensions have been in trend for a long time, ruining natural lashes, leaving gaps of hairs, and clumpy looking applications, irritating the eyes, and ensuring no one has thoroughly removed their eye makeup properly since wearing them (gross!).

Move over Lash Extensions – and hello Lash Lift!

Formerly or better known as Lash Perming, Elleebana (the most recognised and trusted brand in the industry) has re-formulated and re-launched the whole prospect of perming, into the LASH LIFT a move of genius and something that had been missing from the industry!

No more sticky rods, safer products to use around the eyes with no irritation or stinging, and the processing time has you in and out within 40 mins!

Want to know more?

I sure do! Read on…

When you arrive at our Feeling Smooth salon in Port Melbourne, we have a brief consultation form (if its your first Lash Lift) and then you can lay down and relax – that’s it! Nothing else to do on your behalf, while we expertly adhere down your bottom lashes, to avoid curling them and apply a soft bit of silicon that will rest snugly and gently against your lash line.

This allows us to get the perfect fan out of your lashes, were we meticulously separate each lash so there are no bent/crooked or crossed over lashes, we select the best shape and size depending on your natural lashes and what would be best to enhance them.

We want to achieve a lift from the base of the lash, but not a circular curl.

Straight after the lifting process, we mix up some Eyelash Tint most suited to you (the Blue-Black is the darkest and most popular colour!). When you leave your lashes will be perfectly fanned out, and lifted to open the eye, even though we haven’t added an extension to your lashes they will appear longer and darker, some people use this as an alternative to eye makeup, but you can still wear it while having had a Lash Lift.

A Lash Lift is for everyone, the busy mum with no time to do her eye-makeup, the young women who enjoys experimenting with makeup looks and wants the perfect lashes, the older lady who can’t see to put makeup on precisely anymore and wants something that will open and lift her eyes, but this is not limited to women – we embrace men also having this done who want to enhance their eyes!

All eye shapes, lash lengths and ethnicities suit a Lash Lift! So if you have ever thought about it – come in and try one! (You can book online here.)

It will last up-to 12 weeks until your lashes naturally go through their growth stage and replace each other with a natural lash.

We recommend coming back 4 weeks after your Lash Lift for another Eyelash Tint to give them new life while they still have a curl (your Eyelash Tint may fade after 4-6 weeks) and we can assess how they look, and advise on when your next Lash Lift appointment can be, we usually like at least 8 weeks to have passed before Lifting again to make sure we don’t over treat the area and risk irritation.

For the day of the treatment our recommendations are avoiding a sauna/steam treatment or steamy shower and chlorinated pools.

This treatment not only enhances and improves your natural lashes, but will promote growth and stimulation for a naturally fuller and longer lash – especially when used with our Lash Conditioner! (Recommended for everyone who has regular Lash Lifts).

If this hasn’t answered all your questions, our before and after pictures speak for themselves, you wont be disappointed with a Lash Lift


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